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DIN7337 Head Blind Rivet
DIN7337 head blind rivet introduction is divided into two portions (nail shell) rivet body and mandrel. And our product is easy to operate and has high installation efficiency. Hand or pneumatic tools are used to insert a rivet into a pre-existing hole. W
Aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet
The aluminum dome blind rivet is a sturdy, new type of fastener for a wide range of applications. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it never rusts, has good corrosion resistance, It is sturdy, lightweight, and durable.
Dome Head Blind Rivet
High quality blind rivet, with good performance of anti-rust and anti-corrosion, sturdy and durable. It is a kind of rivet that is fixed by core-pulling inflation, can be widely applied to indoor or outdoor for plate splicing, object fastening etc. Instal
Full Steel Dome Head Blind Rivet
Rivets are permanent, non-threaded fasteners that fasten objects together. They consist of a head and a shank, which is deformed by a tool to hold the rivet in place. Blind rivets also have a mandrel, which helps insert the rivet and breaks off after inse
Full Aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet
Full Aluminum Dome head blind rivet has high plasticity, good fatigue resistance, and is hard and thick.It is easy to use, glossy and moisture resistant.Widely used in construction and industrial fields.
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